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A few hints for quality prints:

  • Not all Labs are equal! Use a good image lab – labs in Wellington include WPS and ImageLab.  You’ll get a much better quality output than going to the likes of Kmart or DigitalMax.

  • Choose the matte or lustre option rather than the glossy photo paper (unless you have a strong preference for glossy!)

  • Have your photos printed as they are – ie don’t tick the colour/automatic correction box – this is an automatic corrector that can really degrade the look of your portrait.

  • Keep in mind that different photo sizes have different ratios – your high-resolution digital images are mostly sized at the 5 x 7 ratio – if you are printing at other ratios (eg 8x12 or 10x15) you’ll get cropping.  If i’m printing your photos i will always crop to the correct ratio first to ensure the best aesthetic.



To ensure your photo is printed to its finest quality – leave it with me, then just find your favourite frame and tadah! Beautiful images for your wall. Delivered to your door!  Your digital files are print ready but there are extra steps I take once you know what product you want - including sharpening for output.  Depending on your photo I may also recommend the metallic print option (around $5 extra per file but looks amazing on certain photos).


So, what size to print?

If you want a photo for a shelf or mantelpiece go for 5 x 7 or 8 x 12.  
For the wall you’ll want a minimum of 8x12, but 10 x 15 or 12 x 18 is better, particularly for photos
with a number of people in them.  Matted photos tend to look better in a frame than unmatted.
If you want a size not listed, just ask.  Email me the photo numbers you want and sizes -
turn-around for up to 8x12 is around a week, 2 weeks for the larger prints.



Size (in inches)
5 x 7           $12.90
8 x 12          $18.20
10 x 15         $21.50
12 x 18         $32.00



If you want further editing on any of your photographs

(ie changing colour to black and white or vice versa)
I’m happy to do this for $15 per file.



Canvases give a modern and funky look to your portraits. 

Ours are printed on the finest quality canvas using the best ink

and sprayed with a protective coating to ensure their longevity. 

Choose from a standard size or specify your own to fit your wallspace.
Sizes in inches.

standard sizes:

12 x 18  (300 x 450m)                      $ 98
16 x 24  (400 x 610mm)                   $109
24 x 36  (610 x 915mm)                    $149
30 x 12 (762 x 381mm)                     $128 (as shown...)

(note 30 x 12 ratio will not suit all photos

- just ask and I will show you a mock up of how your canvas will look)

Triptych (3 image canvas):
30 x 12                                             $148 (as shown...)

Montage (9 square)
24 x 24                                             $209 (as shown..)


Montage (4 square)                           $149 (as shown..)

15 x 15



GORGEOUS flush mounted photo-books from just $65!  Ask me for full details/sample.
($55 gives you a 20 page 5x7 inch black or photo cover book).  This works out

a very cost effective way to print your photos.